Situational Awareness

“Looking for trouble”

There’s an old boxing adage “The punch that knocks you out is the one you don’t see coming.” Family Forged wants to help you look for trouble…so you know how to avoid it!

From cell phones to our daily routines, distractions surround us which could lead to complacency. The desensitization to violence has lulled many into believing they can’t possibly be victimized because “that only happens on the news.” Unfortunately, that’s a flawed approach to take toward the very legitimate threats that face us every day.

At Family Forged, we believe situational awareness is the foundation for safety and emergency preparedness.

This training was developed to simplify and explain to participants, the reality of current threats and how it applies to their personal lives. Topics such as mindset, pre-threat indicators and practical application will be discussed.

With this new understanding, we’re confident participants will find value in safety and emergency preparedness; then invest the time and effort into additional training and education needed to adequately prepare themselves and families.

*We highly recommend this training be taken as a prerequisite or in combination with other classes.

Home defense strategies & tactics

There’s a vast selection of online videos and some tactical range courses available today that cover home defense tactics or close quarter battle (CQB). These are excellent resources, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. 

However, the most probable environment you will encounter a shooting/deadly force situation is in your own home…the last place most people think to train. Whether it’s a flat range or even a live fire structure, there will never be a substitute for your house with its furniture and unique layout.

Often, the missing link between training and application is context,  or how to apply the skills you’ve learned to your own lifestyle. You know your floor plan and its nuances better than anyone. Family Forged endeavors to bridge this training gap and give our clients every advantage over a possible intruder by training them at home. This is where greater understanding and context can be found in how to better apply the range or online skills you’ve already learned. Topics such as fundamentals of structure clearing and single person clearing tactics will be covered.

In addition, we will discuss various strategies and considerations that will demonstrate the importance proper home security factors into avoiding or preventing a violent encounter to begin with.

*We do not use live weapons or ammunition and this class isn’t intended to replace traditional range time. On the contrary, our training is intended to enhance your current skills and provide greater context for future range courses you may participate in.

*This is a customized training based on the individual client and their needs. The focus will be on single person clearing- not small team/unit tactics. This is intended to be an introduction to basic concepts not a full-fledged “Operator”.

Medical trauma readiness

Are you ready if a loved one is faced with a medical trauma emergency and you’re waiting for help to arrive? If you’re answer is “no”, you’re not alone. Surprisingly, this is one of the most neglected areas of training and preparedness.

Over reliance on Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Paramedics is a recipe for tragedy with increased response times. While knowledge of basic first aid is important when dealing with bumps and bruises, it’s simply not enough. Having the right skills and tools can empower you to take action when seconds matter.

Topics covered include massive bleeding injuries, casualty carry methods and specialized equipment considerations.

Its important you and your family have a plan of action to effectively deal with a trauma emergency. This training will be tailored to your unique family and home circumstances so everyone in the household may benefit.

*This is not a First Aid/CPR certification class

Travel safety and Vehicle preparedness

Family vacations or work trips are a great opportunity to get a break in the daily routine. However, this is a perfect opportunity for criminals and predators to strike knowing you are in unfamiliar territory or in a lax state of mind. Striking a balance between vigilance and leisure is critical to making sure you return home with enjoyable memories instead of painful regret.

On a related note, whether it’s a road trip or daily commute, we spend an immense amount of time in or around our vehicles making it a highly probable location of vulnerability. With that in mind, it would be prudent for us to be adequately prepared to deal with vehicle emergencies or attacks.

This training will cover travel and vehicle specific threats with topics to include identity theft/fraud, auto theft/carjacking, counter surveillance and emergency extraction.

Practical emergency preparedness & Urban self-reliance

Living a preparedness lifestyle has a negative stigma that assumes you live in an underground bunker or wear a tin foil hat. That was humorous until the country saw people panic buying groceries and physically fighting over toilet paper. Meanwhile the diligent folk sat back and watched the circus because they previously invested the time and effort to make sure their families could be sustained in a crisis.

The truth is, there are a myriad of threats from natural disasters to acts of terror that families should be concerned with. The recent Pandemic proved this point. Fortunately, there’s a way to live a preparedness lifestyle without traumatizing your kids or living like the zombie apocalypse.

This training explores practical and efficient ways to prepare with topics to include threat context, prepping fundamentals, storage considerations, self-reliance strategies and product solutions. 

If you’re serious about providing for your family and want to avoid pending chaos, act now while time is on your side.

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