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The overwhelming majority of people don’t take privacy and safety seriously enough. They have a false illusion of security believing an alarm system or surveillance cameras are enough to keep them safe from intruders. The truth is there are a multitude of factors they’ve failed to consider. A proper assessment by Family Forged will expose these vulnerabilities and provide solutions to correct them. As a result, you may avoid wasting your hard-earned time and money on worthless or impractical products.

We understand every family is different. Whether it’s size, living situation, locale or personal circumstance. These factors form your context, which shape the why and how, to implement your safety plans.

Accessibility: Family Forged is a locally owned business focused on serving clients in the regional San Diego County area. This means we’re easily accessible and each client will get our full attention. We’re not distracted with national or global aspirations. We are committed to serving and empowering our neighbors right here in San Diego County, California.

Equality: Professional security consulting shouldn’t be reserved just for celebrities or exclusive communities. Family Forged believes these types of services along with relevant training should be available and affordable to all law-abiding citizens wanting to protect and prepare their families.

Current professional experience: Family Forged has over 20 years of current, real world law enforcement experience dealing with crime and threats relevant to the California/West Coast region. The services, training and professional insight provided to Family Forged clients derives from firsthand application versus theory-based speculation, irrelevant or outdated strategies.

Comprehensive: Several consultants advertise they adopt a holistic approach to security. While each consultant naturally emphasizes their specialty area, they all fail to address emergency preparedness. It’s our belief that a truly comprehensive plan will consider the myriad of threats posed by natural or man-made disasters and not just home invasions and burglaries.

As the Parent or Leader of your family, the responsibility to protect them and safeguard your home rests on your shoulders.

While Police are critical to the safety and security of our citizens, unfortunately they’ve assumed a predominately re-active role with demands to defund Police amid already dangerously low staffing levels.

By the time an emergency happens, it may be too late. Right now, we have the luxury of time and opportunity on our side. Nobody can predict when tragedy may occur, but we can choose whether to prepare for those threats. Don’t fail your family when the time comes. Act now.

Consider the cost of your insurance deductible, door and window repairs, property loss (not to mention invaluable sentimental items), medical bills, time off work or the guilt you may carry if one of your family members were injured or killed. There is no secret recipe to guarantee safety from a tragedy or crime from being committed but you can take reasonable steps to mitigate potential loss or damages.

When you add up these potential costs, it’s practically a no-brainer to select a Family Forged security assessment that’s affordably priced. At the very least, you will provide confidence and peace of mind for your household.

A burglary is when an intruder enters your home and steals property while you’re not there.

A home invasion is when an intruder enters your home while you are there, then steals property using force or fear.

With more people teleworking from home these days, the likelihood of a home invasion has increased.

In addition, unemployment rates have risen, and experts predict the economy will only get worse. These compounded factors result in a lot of unhappy and desperate people who may resort to committing crimes, including home invasion.

Why gamble with your family’s safety? You can’t control someone else’s decision to commit a violent crime, but you can control how to properly prepare for one. If an incident never occurs, the least you’ve done is provide confidence and peace of mind for your family.

Online courses: There’s a vast selection of great online courses available and they can be convenient. However, these courses are generic and made for the masses. They don’t always apply to the circumstances of your situation. In addition, you’re limited to pre-canned content that may not adequately answer your questions.

Range courses: As with online training, there are numerous courses offered nationwide with world class instructors. However, whether it’s a flat range or even a shoot house, there will never be a substitute for your own home which is where you have the highest probability of a shooting involved incident.

Family Forged does not use live weapons or ammunition and isn’t intended to replace traditional range time. On the contrary, our training is intended to enhance your current skills and provide greater context for future range courses you may participate in.

The most probable environment you will encounter a deadly threat is in your home, the last place most people think to train. Often the missing link is context- or how to apply the skills you’ve learned to your own lifestyle. You know your floor plan and its nuances better than anyone. We want to exploit that and give our clients every advantage over a possible intruder by training them at home. This is where greater understanding and context can be found in how to better apply the range or online skills you’ve already learned.

Regionally speaking, we provide training in greater San Diego County, California.

In terms of physical location, Family Forged will typically provide training on site of the client’s residence. In some cases, Family Forged may offer training at an offsite location.

For now, our focus and commitment are to clients throughout greater San Diego County, so we do not currently provide services or training outside of this area.

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